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Privacy Policy

We Take Complete Care Of Your Privacy!

Sound Bites Cafe gives immense importance to the privacy of the customers. With the high-standards of policy and the advanced platform, we are capable of keeping your information safe within our reach.

When do we collect your information?

By visiting our website and placing your order, you provide us some necessary information. The information such as your location, contact, address, email and other necessary pieces of information becomes important to provide services. We also ask for other details in order to provide you the benefits of our discounts, offers, and combos.

How do we use your information?

All the pieces of information that you provide us are used to ensure the quality of services. We maintain a strong relationship with our services. With your information, we try to understand your preferences and requirements to offer top-notch services. Also, the information becomes helpful in legal and regulatory needs. The services and operations get better for us and convenient for you.

When do we disclose the information?

All your personal information stays safe with us. We only share it with the internal departments to ensure the comfort and reliable services. However, your information might get shared with public officials, working under government. The disclosure to the government only happens when it is required by the law and regulation.

We never use your personal information other than the mentioned reasons. Our platform and the management team keep your information safe and protect your privacy.

If you have more questions in mind, feel free to contact us.

Our Menu

Discover & Try

Fried Calamari IMG-MENU

Fried Calamari

Served with spicy pepper and homemade marinara sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Wings IMG-MENU

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Hot Buffalo sauce served with celery, carrot sticks and creamy blue cheese dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Tenders IMG-MENU

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Hot Buffalo sauce served with celery, carrot sticks and creamy blue cheese dressing.

Appetizers Healthy And Fresh
Mozzarella Sticks IMG-MENU

Mozzarella Sticks

Served with homemade marinara.

Nachos Deluxe IMG-MENU

Nachos Deluxe

Deep-fried corn tortilla, layered with cheese, salsa, avocado, and sour cream.

Quesadilla IMG-MENU


Cheese baked in a flour tortilla served with salsa fresca and sour cream.

Basic Burger IMG-MENU

Basic Burger

Your choice of cheese.

Bacon Cheese Burger IMG-MENU

Bacon Cheese Burger

Your choice of cheese.

Turkey Burger IMG-MENU

Turkey Burger

White meat turkey, lightly seasoned.

Burgers Healthy And Fresh
Cheese Burger IMG-MENU

Cheese Burger

Your choice of cheese.

Deluxe Burger IMG-MENU

Deluxe Burger

Comes with sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Garden Veggie Burger IMG-MENU

Garden Veggie Burger

A healthy and hearty vegetarian option.

Chicken Kebab Rollup IMG-MENU

Chicken Kebab Rollup

Add avocado and hummus for an additional charge.

Mediterranean Rollup IMG-MENU

Mediterranean Rollup

Feta, romaine, tomato, and dressing fresh.

Rollups Healthy And Fresh
Boneless Buffalo Rollup IMG-MENU

Boneless Buffalo Rollup

Lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese.

House Salad IMG-MENU
Cobb Salad IMG-MENU
Salads Healthy And Fresh

Our Clients Say

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“LOVED IT! The French toast was great. It was lot of food for so little money. I was so full!

Shifti Shami Kamal
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“The food is always good. The staff is always friendly. There is no rush feelings to leave!

Cheryl Hurley
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“Fantastic breakfast, personable staff. Excellent experience! Will definitely be coming back

Andy D
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“Great breakfast/brunch! So many options! We havent had the chance to eat at the café and only ordered but i would do it again! Thank you !

Justine Hervé
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“Great customer service, friendly staff and food came out extremely quick.

Dina Fahim
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“I absolutely love this place. The pumpkin pancakes with caramel drizzle is out of this world. The staff is super nice and helpful.

Daniel McNamara
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